Mold Remediation

When you discover mold growing in your home, there are moist conditions present that are encouraging the mold to grow. Mold can never be completely eradicated because it is always present in the Earth’s atmosphere. Under the right conditions, mold can appear in as little as 24 to 48 hours! Emergency Water Damage Company has been remediating mold infestations in Riverside County for years.

Riverside County residents can count on our professionals to advise them of the specific inspection and documentation protocols and explain the remediation process we will follow for your unique situation. Emergency Water Damage Company will locate the source of the moisture or leak and repair this to discourage further mold growth. Then we will work to contain the mold and begin the mitigation and remediation process.

When your home has a mold infestation, you can rely on us to resolve the problem according to current industry standards and local and state best practices.

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Happy Customers

Ernie and his workers are very professional, friendly, fast, and accurately solved the problems. I am quite impressed with them and strongly recommend Emergency Water Damage Company for your future need!
Jennifer T.
San Diego, CA
Ernie and Domingo answered our plumbing emergency call on the first ring. They came within the hour, and could not have given better service, very competent and efficient, and so courteous. Very safe with social distancing during COVID-19. Very reasonable rates, could not be more pleased. Will definitely use them again and let our friends know!
Anna C.
Riverside, CA